Cape Fynbos Experience, with Giselle Courtney

By Lesley on 22 November 2017

Cape Fynbos Experience, with Giselle Courtney

Cape Fynbos Experience with Giselle Courtney

Today I was lucky to have the opportunity to participate in the Cape Fynbos Experience with Giselle Courtney (Get to the Point) at the Cape Heritage Trust, Company Gardens.  It is hard to find anyone with more passion and knowledge like Giselle, whose enthusiasm to share Cape Fynbos with everyone is infectious.

A variety of fynbos infused in water for tasting

Giselle lead us through the variety of fynbos which had been infused in water for us to sip, enjoy and learn about the medicinal properties of the different plants.

Trying Spekboom

In addition to sipping the fynbos infused water, we were encouraged to smell the plants, taste some of leaves and above you can see me tasting spekboom which I dipped into a Buchu infused olive oil.

We experienced, honeybush, rooibos, Buchu, Rhino bush, Snow bush, Cancer bush, and Rose pelargonium.  Giselle ended the experience with Buchu infused brandy, Rhino bush infused gin, and Snow bush infused vodka.

This Cape Fynbos Experience is for everyone, visitors and local people who would like to know more about the plants surrounding us.

Giselle, promotes the Cape Fynbos Experience through her company Get To The Point and is currently offering these experiences on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11am (experience lasts for around an hour) for maximum 20 guests.  You are welcome to contact her directly for private group bookings.


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