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[two_third is_last="true"][heading size="medium" alt_style="true" align="left" is_section="true"]Lesley Cox[/heading]Lesley CoxI like to discuss all the options with you in advance via email so that the day can be tailor-designed to your interests and planned at a pace convenient to you.

The three main areas of interest are the Cape Peninsula, the wine region and the historic city centre of Cape Town itself. I have detailed highlights of these three areas to give you some ideas as to what options are available, and these can form the basis of our communication in order to create your individual, memorable private tour in Cape Town.

I have an Honours Degree in History through UNISA (University of South Africa, online university) and have also completed a two-year Diploma in International Wine (Cape Wine Academy), hence my speciality in conducting private tours of our city and the wine region

I am looking forward to welcoming you to Cape Town – please browse my website, and let me assist in making the most of your visit to Cape Town.

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