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Cape Peninsula

The Cape Peninsula route is all about magnificent scenery, nature (fynbos and wildlife), and the history of the ocean trade routes between Europe and the East.

The Portuguese were the pioneers of ocean exploration with Vasco Da Gama gaining the credit for rounding the Cape of Good Hope and succeeding all the way through to the East towards the end of the 15th century. It was not surprising that some 150 years later the Dutch East India Company decided upon establishing the half-way refreshment station at the Cape to serve the passing ships with fresh food and water to help battle scurvy.

Today the Cape Peninsula route offers a magnificent scenic coastline, dotted with coastal towns and fishing villages to feast the eyes and delight any photographers. There are many places to stop on route and I will give below some options which to be considered so that I can create your individual private tour.

Itineraries are designed both according to your interests and the time of year. During our busy summer season, it is advisable for an early start and to make our first stop the Cape Point nature reserve. This is because in lovely weather on the weekends there is additional traffic caused by local families enjoying the beaches.

Have a look at the options along the Cape Peninsula route below and I will propose a plan to include as many of your interests as possible within the time frame available.

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Highlights at the Ocean

Highlights in Nature

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