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City Tours

The Cape Town city tour is a story of people. Beginning with the San and the Khoi, the original inhabitants of the Cape, we see the impact created by the influx of white European colonists, the oceanic slave trade and migrating African groups on our architecture, churches, museums, culture, music, and food. With the discovery of minerals (diamonds and gold) in the middle of the nineteenth century, we had further immigration, and today the Cape Town community is a vibrant melting pot with multiple races and religions.

Our historic Cape Town city bowl is a rich tapestry of people, architecture (heritage, Art Deco, and modern), alongside numerous museums, churches, art galleries, and markets. Tucked away in the side streets we find artisanal coffee shops, tapas bars, design shops and fabulous eating spots.

We will explore the old and the new and on route I will introduce a variety of characters who have contributed to Cape Town over the last 350 years (e.g. Jan van Rieebeck, Sara Baartman, Lady Anne Barnard, Cecil Rhodes, Jan Smuts, Nelson Mandela) leaving you to decide who had a positive impact and those who maybe didn’t?

Tours are flexible, if you feel like stopping for coffee or an art gallery grabs your attention on route, you are not under any time pressure or made to feel rushed. I want you to enjoy the gems of our city at your own pace. Please note that the majority of shops, art galleries and museums are closed on Sundays and so a city tour is best enjoyed from Monday – Saturday.

Below are some of the many highlights to explore on a private city tour, please let me know where your interests lie and we can begin discussing on email your private tour around the city.





Highlights Surrounding the City Tour

Please find below some ideas of places to visit after your city tour to make the most of your day.