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Wine Tours

The first Governor of the Cape, Jan van Riebeeck had the vision to import the first vines from Europe so that the passing ships could be supplied alcohol, and planted them in the Company Gardens in 1655, alongside the fruit and vegetables. No one could have anticipated then that over 350 years later that South Africa would have a thriving wine industry with over 500 vineyards and today be the 8th largest producer in the world by volume. Our most planted red grape variety is the Cabernet Sauvignon, and we are known for our full-bodied red blends.

In terms of white wines we are enjoying excellent Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnays and Rose wines. In addition to the wine, we offer Potstill Brandy (Cognac), Methode Cap Classique (Champagne), Port, craft beer and artisanal gin tastings. For guests less interested in wine we have a chocolate specialist, cheese and olive oil tastings and numerous heritage buildings with Cape Dutch architecture.

There is something to enjoy in the wine region for everyone, whether you are wine enthusiasts interested in specific producers, interested in a general overview of our wine industry or perhaps you don’t drink at all and looking for a day with great scenery and history.

Over the last 20 years we have experienced a food and wine explosion, many of the vineyards have made the most of their fantastic views and award winning chefs offer fine dining lunches. Please email me if you would like to enjoy a special lunch as reservations in advance are required.




Let me assist you

So that I can plan a memorable day(s) in the Cape wine region for you, please consider the following questions, let me know your preferences as this will assist me in tailoring a tour individual to your interests:

  • Do you enjoy specific wines? For example full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, easy drinking fruity red wines, Chardonnay etc. or do you enjoy a wide range of wines, both white and red?
  • Are you interested in an overview of the South African wine industry and region and having a wine cellar tour?
  • Do you have any specific vineyards that you would like to visit? Perhaps you have read about them or already enjoyed the wine in your home country.
  • Are you interested in visiting one or both of the historic towns, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, with additional time to explore the shops and art galleries?
  • Do you enjoy craft beer, Port, Champagne or gin?
  • Are you interested in vineyards with Cape Dutch or modern architecture, or perhaps a selection of the two?
  • Would you like to include a vineyard which offers a tutored chocolate tasting, olive oil or perhaps visit the cheetah outreach programme?
  • Are you looking to enjoy a special lunch offering great food and views? Are you celebrating a special occasion?  Please note that some restaurants will require advanced reservations.